Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh is an author, editor, and lyricist.

Her children's books, CAN YOU HEAR A COO-COO? (a PJ Library selection), A HOOPOE SAYS "OOP!", LISTEN! ISRAEL'S ALL AROUND (recipient of PJ Library's Author Award) and THE BIGGEST OF ALL will be published by Kar-Ben Publishing (a division of Lerner Publishing) starting in 2018.

Jamie spent nearly a decade on staff at Woman’s World magazine, writing uplifting tearjerkers. One of her favorites was about a giant pet pig who stopped a thief. Another of her stories, about an adoption reunion, was featured in the New York Times bestselling series Small Miracles (by two masters of uplifting tearjerkers, Yitta Halberstam and Judith Leventhal). 

Jamie went on to become Editor-in-Chief of Vital Juice, a daily wellness email and website, during which time she spent an afternoon training with a female ninja. She served as Managing Editor of the nutrition-themed website and email Clean Plates, which led to such wild enthusiasm for fermentation that she considered life as a professional pickler. She was also Editor of CarleyK.com, personality Carley Knobloch’s website about digital technology and style. Thanks to Carley, Jamie now knows the differences between flash drives, solid-state drives...and cord tacos.

Jamie's current feature-writing "home" is National Geographic KIDS, where she started back in 1999 under then-editor Rachel Buchholz (who is now EIC and VP!). Thanks to Nat Geo, Jamie is aware of tardigrades, and suspicious of their planetary origin. As a lyricist, Jamie writes for ad campaigns and films. She is a member of SCBWI and a graduate of Wellesley College.